30 years ago, working in increasingly “computerized” offices, we started as most of you to suffer from the lack of accessories that would help us to better manage these new resources and save space and time.

We were tired of putting one or two reams of paper under the monitor to bring it to the right height, and we thought that the paper was probably better placed at hand under the printer than under the monitor … and the tower CPU was better underneath the desktop than on it … and among the disks scattered in the drawers we needed a solution to find the right one without losing any time …

We were at that time a small group of young people, part of a large company specialized in the development and production of rear lights for cars with an exceptional know-how in the processing of plastic.

Since in the company there was already plastic, and moulding machines to create products in plastic, why shouldn’t we use these synergies and create better solutions for the office working environment? So, we thought about the first supports for monitors and printers, and the first media storage systems with an implemented identification of content – capacious and modular – at first for the old 3.5 “disks and gradually updating it in design and in sizes for the new upcoming media.

EXPONENT was therefore born over 30 years ago in the ’80s and the first products were created based on these individual experiences and needs. When we started to have computers and notebooks more and more even at home, or while we are travelling, we started to pay particular attention also to the style and look of our products beside its practical functions. This continues up to today with our newest accessories for smartphones, tablets and much more.


We create solutions because nowadays we spend many hours in a technical environment, not only us, but also our children, when they work for school, university or when they are just gaming. We are convinced that it is better to spend that time in total comfort and above all with the security of not compromising our health.

We create products for places with scarce spaces since we all need dedicated and functional areas that are not only compatible with our professional needs but also with our environment at home, in the office or on the road.

We think that the “Made in Italy” is a fantastic value all over the world. Being an Italian company, we design and produce many of our products by ourselves with an eye not only on functionality but especially to its aesthetics. For the products we do not design ourselves, we carefully choose reliable and competent partners, with worldwide experience in development, production and marketing.


We believe that our customers are unique and important in their personal and individual needs. We answer personally every call or e-mail and we are happy to help you with any question. We want to have a direct relationship with our customers, without needing any intermediary.

We believe that staying in an office all day long can be sometimes quite difficult and unhealthy. The aim of our work is to help you spend this time in safety, comfort and good health, and why not, surrounded by good looking and practical accessories.

We believe in the durability of the materials we use and therefore we provide a quality guarantee for our products from the first day they arrive in your hands.
Since we follow each step of production, we prefer to collaborate with efficient production companies close to us logistically and tuned with our values and the way we work. Our partners share our processes and are part of our projects, which we face together with the same competence and passion.