Qualità made in germany

Quality Made in Germany

Warm walls and floors

Infrared heat strengthens the immune system

Removes moisture and molds

Constant temperatures from floor to ceiling

Ideal for: bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, winter gardens, cellars, hobby rooms, holiday homes and whereever you need an extra heating which looks beautiful with low energy consumption.

Available in two sizes for all your needs:
– 100 x 40 x 2*cm
– 60 x 50 x 2*cm
*5 cm from the wall with spacers

Easy “Do it yourself” mounting (materials incl.)
Vertical or horizontal mounting
Very low energy consumption depending on model only 800 or 500 Watt
For rooms from 5-25 m² (800W) or 2-18 m²
(500W) depending on wall and window isolation