High End Soft Foam Notebook Stand


• For notebooks up to 15,6”
• Lays on two soft foam cushions for maximum comfort even when used on your lap when sitting on a sofa or lying in bed
• With rubber insert to prevent the notebook from moving
• Ergonomic curved design with built in 80mm fan for perfect cooling with washable filter for easy cleaning.
• Adjustable tilt positions for optimum view at 9°, 12° and 15°.



The ultimate notebook support for extreme convenience and functionality. Ultra comfortable, thanks to the ergonomic design and soft foam pads that adapt to the shape of the user’s legs. It incorporates a powerful 80 mm fan that allows efficient cooling of both the notebook and the stand; you will no longer feel that annoying heat. The fan has internal filters that can be removed and cleaned if necessary. It includes a compartment in the lower part where you can place the cables of the notebook in order to have them neat and not hanging around.
This support can be adjusted in different positions at 9 ° -12 ° -15 ° so as to allow an optimal view of the screen and to avoid overexertion of sight or postural defects.

Color: glossy black

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 46.2 × 44.5 × 34.8 cm