Portable Ergo Notebook Stand


portable ergo notebook stand

  • foldable, it gets slim and easy to carry
  • italian design and manufacture
  • tilted in 6 positions
  • structure facilitates perfect ventilation without the need for a fan
  • black colour
  • closed size: 28.8 x 28.8 x 3 cm

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Order and organize your work plan with the beautiful Italian style:

Ideal polyfunctional product for cooling your laptop, allowing the user to work in every comfort thanks to the adjustable slope of the non-slip feet (angle from 18 ° to 30 ° degrees) to optimize typing and display, garanteeing stability. Designed for all users, thanks to its compact size and foldable shape, it can enter without any difficulty in any bag or backpack and is therefore usable at any time. Equipped with support for the gel wrists, it prevents the upper limbs fatigue, as repeated backward folds can result in compression of nerves and blood vessels.

Additional information

Weight 0,46 kg
Dimensions 3 × 28,8 × 28,8 cm