Professional Notebook Arm


professional notebook arm

  • to ergonomically use the notebook screen and an external keyboard
  • perfect desk space saving when using a screen and external keyboard
  • tiltable, adjustable in height, swivel
  • equipped with a table clamp with a thickness of up to 9 cm
  • supports up to 10 kg
  • platform size: 30 * 29 cm

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Order and organize your work plan with the beautiful Italian style:

The support arm allows you to position your notebook ergonomically so you do not tire your back and work comfortably on your desk or use the notebook as a monitor using a standard external keyboard when working in the office. Made of metal, thanks to its design, it allows you to create space on your desk and consequently keep your own workplace or home office workman in order. Moreover, thanks to its modern technology, it reduces the amount of work that is normally due to the battery life as well as to the electrical connections of the computer. The arm is tiltable, swivel and equipped with dynamic height adjustment and depth. The table hook is made using a clamp (up to 9 cm thick) included in the package and does not require any additional tools for installation and use.

Additional information

Weight 4,9 kg
Dimensions 2,6 × 30 × 29 cm