Tetrax Xway


Tetrax Xway

  • Supports FPMS technology: Full Power Magnet System
  • compatible devices: up to 400 gr with max display of 7.9 pp
  • Turn & Go system

international shipments



Whether you need to control the map on the GPS or change the playlist while driving, the support will keep your device in hand, allowing you to stay focused on driving without any distraction.

The product has been designed to use your device (smartphone or tablet) in complete safety even when driving a car. The component will be hooked to support thanks to FPMS technology, made up of permanent magnets that are aligned to maximize unidirectional magnetic force at short distances, so that any unnecessary interference will interfere with your smartphones or devices. Finally, the XVENT accessory will be a valuable partner to avoid falling inside the vehicle that could compromise both the integrity of the device and our personal safety. Ideal for setting the support at a height that is useful and safe for the user.