Desk Clamp Keyboard Tray


• Can be mounted very quickly without drilling and screws
• Installation in a few seconds on any work surface, even on glass
• The robust metal clamps adapt to surfaces up to 40 mm thickness
• Smooth movement of sliding rails
• Keyboard tray size: 700 x 310mm, enough space for a keyboard and a mouse

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This functional and space-saving keyboard tray can be easily mounted to any desk or table by means of two practical clamps. It’s easy mountable without tools and there is no need to drill your working desk. The tray has an anti-slip surface that keep your keyboard in place during in and out movements. Clamps adjust in any surface up to 40 mm thick and  sliding rail  has very smooth movements . Extremely usefull at work but also at home, allows to save precious working space on your top; at home, it allows you to keep your keyboard out of the way without the need to alterate your furniture. Tray measures 700 x 310 mm,  and it is big enough to accommodate your keyboard, mouse pad, and most wrist rest if necessary.
Colour: black


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