Keyboard Drawer with Mouse Station


keyboard drawer

  • disappears under the desk
  • equipped with gel wrists support
  • includes a retractable mouse platform
  • save-space on any desk or table
  • mounting tools included
  • colour: black
  • platform size: 57 x 5.5 x 31 cm

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Take full advantage of your work plan 100% in a practical and orderly way thanks to our:

Removable keyboard holder with included gel wrist support. Ideal for the office, is also very useful in school, technical and professional studies and in general for all domestic uses. Easily mounted directly beneath the work desk, allows to rearrange and optimize space on your desk immediately. The implemented wrist support helps to avoid excessive fatigue of the upper limbs and hands; incorporates a retractable mouse platform. All the tools needed for the installation are included in the packaging.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 54.5 × 5 cm