Marmony, the infrared electrical heater


  • perfect for beach or mountain holiday homes
  • optimal for heating individual rooms during the intermediate seasons
  • useful for heating individual rooms during the intermediate seasons
  • ideal for heating rooms where allergic or
  • asthmatic people live
  • irreplaceable as additional heating for the
  • bathroom or as an alternative to high
  • consumption electric heaters
  • infrared electric heating technology
  • heating up to 25 square meters

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Finally an innovative low consumption solution for heating:
ecological, healthy and elegant.

The Marmony® plate, made in Germany in pure Jura marble from Bavaria and operating with infrared technology, can integrate or even replace your home heating.

How do infrared rays work?

The radiant heat of our Marmony® heaters is one of the purest and healthiest forms of heating. It works in a similar way to the sun, sending long wave rays that reach every corner of the room, walls and floors, warming deeply all the bodies present in the environment.

THE MARBLE PLATE (100x40x2cm) emits its own infrared heat and decorates your home, heating up to 25 m² of surface, depending on the insulation of walls and windows. Low power consumption of up to 800 Watts (including a thermostat). Easy vertical or horizontal installation thanks to the accessories included in the package. Thermostat included.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 2 × 100 × 40 cm