A3/A4 Printer Organizer


printer support with A3/A4 drawers

  • supports large printers up to 40 kg
  • sturdy plastic material
  • printer can overlap the top of the support
  • includes  one A3 drawer and two A4 drawers
  • designed and made in Italy
  • dimensions: 50,8 x 14 x 37 cm
  • color: black

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Order and organize your work plan with the beautiful Italian style:

Highest quality support for A3 and A4 ink, laser, 3D or multifunctional printers up to 40 kg. Made of sturdy plastic material, the printer can overlap the top of the support without compromising the equipment. It  allows the user to raise the printer at a convenient height use while creating extra space for paper storage. Equipped with 1 drawer for A3 paper (or 2 packs of A4 next to each other) includes removable dividers and 2 A4 drawers for paper, envelopes, labels and cartridges that will finally be in order and at your fingertips.  Includes a cable management on the back. Allows the user to efficiently organize the work space giving a touch of elegance to the office or home.

Additional information

Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 50,8 × 14 cm