This truly remarkable, multi award winning technology allows the end user to protect both industrial and domestic surfaces with a super durable coating of invisible, easy to clean, glass. This nanotechnology allows the end user to deposit a nano scale layer of molecular, particle free glass, onto the surface of most items.

The molecules of glass (silicon dioxide/ SiO²) come from pure quartz sand, of which there are vast reserves, as silicon dioxide is one of the most abundant compounds on the planet. Just like domestic glass, the coatings are chemically inert and highly resistant to acids. The coatings also offer resistance to alkalis and solvents; however, despite some similarities

to standard glass the Liquid Glass coatings are stunningly different. The layer is flexible, breathable, highly durable, heat tolerant, anti-microbial and offers nonstick and “easy clean” characteristics.

The application of the Liquid Glass range of products is amazingly straight forward. After preparatory cleaning, items can be coated in a matter of seconds. Significantly most coated surfaces can be cleaned with water alone; this of course massively reduces the use of environmentally damaging cleaning products.

  • Long lasting effect (up to decades)
  • Protects from water, dirt, bacteria, rust, grease, frost, friction, UV (to prevent fading), alkali, sea water, salty air, and heavy staining …
  • Odorless, anti-microbial, heat tolerant, breathable
  • Easy to apply in seconds (wipe or spray)
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly: drastically reduces the need of chemical detergents
  • Contains solvent, no waxes or silicones, for a non-stick, glossy finish
  • Particle free with no negative effects, can be used on the most delicate surfaces
  • Endless application: suitable in industry, auto, marine, aviation, food industries, med, facilities, building, textiles industry and more, as well as for domestic use
  • Made in Germany